Hot Cocoa


INGREDIENTS – Allow 2 teaspoonfuls of the prepared cocoa to 1 breakfast-cup; boiling milk and boiling water.

Mode.—Put the cocoa into a breakfast-cup, pour over it sufficient cold milk to make it into a smooth paste; then add equal quantities of boiling milk and boiling water, and stir all well together. Care must be taken not to allow the milk to get burnt, as it will entirely spoil the flavour of the preparation. The above directions are usually given for making the prepared cocoa. The rock cocoa, or that bought in a solid piece, should be scraped, and made in the same manner, taking care to rub down all the lumps before the boiling liquid is added.

Sufficient—2 teaspoonfuls of prepared cocoa for 1 breakfast-cup, or 1/4 oz. of the rock cocoa for the same quantity.

– Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management, Isabella Beeton, 1861

“Danger of Crinoline”

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We’ve all been there, coming out of the “facilities” or upon emerging from the tent after dressing for the morning, and don’t we all just wish someone would whisper a discreet warning in our ear, rather than whispering and pointing from afar.