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Ladies and Gentlemen of the 1860s Conference 2014: Day 1

I flew in to Harrisburg late Wednesday night and spent all day Thursday and Friday in workshops.

Thursday I attended Maggie Koenig’s Pattern Play class. So much fun!

Maggie walked us through the process of using a basic bodice pattern to create patterns for collars, cuffs, chemisettes, and other accessories. I enjoyed this class very much, but apparently the late hours the night before were very much evident on my face for poor Maggie had to ask if she was putting me to sleep 😦 I assure you she was not, and I hope to take classes with her again!


In the afternoon, I took the Bonnet Veils workshop with Carolann Schmidt. Wow! We spent the first half of the class learning about the use and styles of bonnet veils with lots of originals to look at, and made our very own veil in the second half. I need to go back and re-do mine as the lace edging just wasn’t lying smoothly for me, but I see several of these in my future.

Pictures from the bonnet veil class can be found here.

More on Friday’s workshops coming soon.

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